Our updated bi-monthly schedule:

PLEASE NOTE: You will only be billed on the same months you receive a box. You will NOT be charged during the months between boxes.

  • February (Valentine’s!)

  • April (Easter!)

  • June (Sun’s out, Bun’s out!)

  • August (Buntime in the summer!)

  • October (Halloween – my favorite!)

  • December (Holidays, of course!)

Bi-Monthly Binxboxes - $29

BinxBox Subscriptions are $29 a month, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping anywhere within the domestic U.S. Your card will be charged on the 5th of each billable month & subscription boxes are shipped by the 10th. If you sign up after the 5th, your subscription will begin the following applicable month (see schedule above).

Single Binxboxes - $32

Individual BinxBoxes are $32, which includes Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the domestic U.S. They are great for a trial run or as a gift! Each BinxBox contains the same love & care as our subscription boxes, so we know you'll love them!

If you have any questions, concerns or additional comments, please email us at