Our Hay



BinxBox is now a Small Pet Select Ambassador!!!

We are often asked what kind of hay we use in our BinxBoxes that our bunny customers love so much.
The answer is Small Pet Select's 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay—farm-fresh & delivered right to your door via subscription or single orders (just like us!).
Not only do we use SPS's hay in our boxes, but our own James & Valerie have a healthy diet of the 3rd cutting Timothy Hay, SPS Pellets, & use SPS paper litter.

Small Pet Select's products are high-quality & their customer service can't be beat. We are so happy to work with them & spread the word.

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A rabbit's diet should be at least 80% hay. Timothy hay is the most common, but some bunnies prefer orchard hay as well. There is 1st cutting, 2nd cutting, & 3rd cutting, all with different benefits for varying rabbit needs. You can get sampler boxes from Small Pet Select to test them out & see what your rabbit needs & prefers. Please note: an adult rabbit should NOT be eating Alfalfa hay. This is a great hay for babies or ill bunnies but contains too much calcium for a health adult bunny. It can cause severe blockages & urine sludge.